Painting on edge of tree with the movement of the trunk and sometimes the bark; representing wild animals of the alpine mountains. Very graphic creations with brown and gray chocolate colors, a few touches of orange highlight an autumnal effect.

Working very close to wood, the board asserts its presence. transparent acrylic painting technique showing the vein of the support.

Body to body: Ibex collection
105 x 45 cm
750 € Available at the workshop
Corps à corps : affontemet de 2 bouquetins males peint sur bois

Body to body: painting on wood representing the confrontation of 2 ibexes during the mating season. Power in its raw state. Plank of old wood, thickness 3 cm. Centerpiece of the "Ibex" collection.

Seriously Winged: Alpine Painting
130 x 32 cm
 450 € Aivalable at the workshop
Tableau peinture aigles et rapaces peinture acrylique

Painting on spruce board, thickness 35 mm.

Flight of Eagles facing Mont-Blanc. View of Mont Caly (Les Gets) on Mont Blanc and the Alps.

Attack: Ibex collection
64 x 37 cm
350 € Not available
NON DISPONIBLE : Attaque combat de bouquetin.

Attack: magnificent ibex in full combat phase. Painting on old plank wood, 3 cm thick. Guaranteed original stains.

Soothed: ibex collection
65 x 37 cm
350 € Not available
Apaisé peinture portait de bouquetin

"Soothed" painting on old spruce board, weathered and worn by time. Fine animal painting on wood.

The King of Gran Paradiso: Ibex collection
65 x 37 cm
350 € Not available

Painting on old spruce wood 3 cm thick. Portrait of a proud ibex with its huge horns.

NON DISPONIBLE : Le roi du Grand Paradis peinture animalière
Cross-border: ibex collection
65 x 37 cm
350 € Not available

Painting on old spruce wood 3 cm thick. Portrait of an ibex with its immense horns which monitors the France Switzerland border.

NON DISPONIBLE : Le frontalier peinture animalière

Christine is able to paint for you all types of wild animals. Do not hesitate to ask him if your project is feasible. She has already painted pictures of marmots, chamois, dogs, horses, birds, wolves ...

Christine Pollier Lavanchy - Artist painter - Painting on wood - Poyas

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Apaisé peinture portait de bouquetin