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Custom painting

"La poya" memory of a time when a beautiful herd of cows represented prosperity and rang the clock of the rhythm of peasant life.

(The daily life of rural people was governed by the organic rhythm of the cow.)

Painted to notify the prosperity and posterity of its owner, the painting has subtle intimacies. The important events of life are listed there. The painting belongs to the house, it is the keeper of its soul. it is sometimes given protection, the good luck of a prosperous period.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

To keep that spirit. It is possible to personalize your table; for example with characters, landscapes or chalets dear to you.

Thus the procession of cows becomes the spirit of prosperity and the symbolism of another time can be that of feelings.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Possibility of ordering a precise dimension, a type of wood, an atmosphere or a desired path; colors and materials related to the interior decoration.

poya sur mesure dans chalet à Combloux Mégève. Longueur peinture 4 m.

Réalisation d'une poya sur mesure pour Crans Montana

Exemple d'un poya commandée par le propriétaire d'un magnifique chalet situé à Crans-Montana dans le Valais Suisse. Poya peinte à l'atelier sur des planches de 5 m de long puis transportée et accrochée sur la façade.  

(Prenez le temps de regarder l'évolution de l image ci dessous)

Poya sur mesure chalet Crans-Montana
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