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The support takes us back in time, wood weathered by harsh winters, over the veins of the spruce, draws the table Inspired by Swiss poya . Very graphic creations with brown and gray chocolate colors.

Always stories of alpine pastures, mountains, privileged moments of a life close to nature.

A savoyard in Atray
217 x 62 cm
1600 € Available at the workshop
Poya grisée montagnes de Morzine Avoriaz vache tarine perdue

Painting on old spruce board, width of the tree over 62 cm, thickness 27 mm + crosspiece of 22 mm at the back.

Réssachaux, Manche Valley, Pointe de Nyon you are lying in the meadows at Atrays watching the cows go by.

Peaceful mountain atmosphere.

Painting exhibited at the Mont Caly Farm in Saint Jean d'Aulps.

Ressachaux by la Plagne
53 x 25 cm
320 € Available at the workshop
Poya avec la pointe de Ressachaux Morzine Avoriaz Haute-Savoie

2019 Collection

Painting on spruce board over a hundred years old. The cows will drink from the pond; in the background the Pointe de Ressachaux, Les Hauts Forts, Morzine Avoriaz.

Unemployed cows 1889
110 x 114 cm
1200 € Available at the workshop
Porte vieux bois 1889, peinture sur vieille porte sans clous ni vis toute chevillée bois

Painting on old barn door dating from 1889, all pegged the old way without a nail. Abundance chome; expression used for cows that are lying down.

We are leaving traditional painting for more graphic work. Wood takes us back in time.

Front flock
217 x 30 cm
1000 € Not Available 

Shingle board worn by harsh winters.

Herd of cows in transhumance. Unusual face to face.

Triptych for Avoriaz
210 x 89 cm
1600 € Not available

Painting on old oak panels. A work carried out with the paint stains present on the wood. The mountains of Avoriaz, Chésery, Pointe de Mossette, Vourlaz, Chavanette and the Tour Salière.

Unemployed cows
190 x 94 cm
1100 € Not available

Table painted on wood animals of the Alps. Cows are unemployed in the La Manche valley in front of the Dents Blanches massif. Very beautiful expression of the cows in the foreground who rest lying in the grass.

table for a possible exterior to add the name of the chalet.

Savoy cross journey
83 x 182 cm
 Not available

Painting on old door with 4 panels on which country scenes with cows and mountains are painted.

Alpine atmosphere with the Dents du Midi Valais Switzerland

Nantau by les Gets : poya
56 x 26 cm
370 € Not available
Poya Nantau par Le Gets

2019 collection.

Painting on old spruce wood board. Cow trail with the Pointe de Nantau in landscape Montriond Saint Jean d'Aulps seen from Les Gets.

a work in shades of gray, only the cows of plenty find their colors.

Poya Avoriaz Ressachaux Nyon
71 x 33 cm
470 € Not available
Poya Avoriaz Ressachaux Nyon

Painting on old wood. Tracking cows in front of the Morzine and Avoriaz mountains. Hand painted acrylic paint.

Poya Nantau by La Côte d'Arbroz
64 x 24 cm
290 € Not available
Poya Nantau par la Côte d'Arbroz

Painting on old wood. Tracking cows in front of the Morzine and Avoriaz mountains. Hand painted acrylic paint.

Painted cupboard door n°1
177 x 52 cm
1200 € Not available
Poya de vache sur porte de placard. Tons bois et crème pour cette superbe oeuvre.

Poya painted on old cupboard door lying horizontally.

Path along the edge of the forest. Mountain background of Chablais Réssachaux Pointe de Nyon.

Painted cupboard door n°2
177 x 52 cm
 1200 € Not available

Poya painted on old cupboard door lying horizontally.

Herd of cows in transhumance passage in forest.

Background Le Roc d'en fer and Nanteau.

Pump room
134 x 31 cm
 800 € Not available
Buvette : poya de vache race abondance

Table painted on wood inspired by the traditional Poya. The cows go to the pool to cool off. Very nice expression of the cows in the foreground coming towards us. In the background, Le Roc d'Enfer Chablais Valley alpine pastures of Haute-Savoie: Morzine Avoriaz.

Beautiful representation of peasant painting

60 x 25 cm
 300 € Not available
Descente devant les Hauts-Fortset Ressachaux

Painting on wood inspired by the Swiss Poya. The herd of cows rushes down the slope at full speed. In the background the Chablais mountains: Haute-Savoie Morzine Avoriaz.

Examples of older poya

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