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Poyas & Painting on wood


Christine Pollier

Our workshop is only open by appointment.

In compliance with health instructions.

Contact me at +33 (0) 782 470 172

C Polier Lavanchy artiste peintre en Haute-Savoie

Christine Pollier Lavanchy     Artist painter

Born in Aix les Bains in 1961, originally from Seyssel, has lived since 1984 in Haut Chablais in Montriond and Morzine.


She collaborated with, Ursus (French Swiss scriptwriter) then with Patrice Mouton, interior decorator Atelier Cobalt at Seyssel 01; excellent painter specializing in art nouveau, art deco, which shines on the Geneva region, Paris and abroad.

2002 Opening of Atelier Montagn'art with Michel Lavanchy, photographer.

Christine slips into the poya, a sort of comic strip, traditional, rural, born between 1830 and 1850 in Switzerland; who paints the farm in the image of his personality and his prosperity, through the annual transhumance.

: "She captured me, I never imagined finding so much interest and pleasure through traditional art".

Poya acordéoniste



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Collection peinture
Colors Poyas

Poyas on wood close to traditional poya. A colorful and magical universe populated by cows and animals participating in transhumance in the alpine pastures and mountains.

Gray Poyas

Paintings on wood inspired by Swiss poya.

A short history of alpine pastures and ancient times in tones close to old wood: gray and chocolate.

More graphic work.

Vie de Vache de Vie

Portraits of Abondance cows on wooden trays 30 to 40 mm thick.
L'Abondance is the star in this collection of ocher and brown tones.

Hérens in Madness


Portraits of Hérens cows and Queens fights on wooden trays.

Expression in the look, pride and allure.

Painting Animals

Animal portraits of our


  • Ibex

  • Chamois

  • Raptors

Other Paintings

End of collections and experiments not included in the collections of paintings and poyas presented above.

Your custom Poya

Personalize your painted poya according to your wishes.

Personalized painting on wood: you choose your mountains your cows, herens, abundance, simental ... other animals. You can add a chapel, a Savoyard or Swiss chalet, people who are dear to you, your pet cat or dog and here are all the ingredients for your personalized poya.

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